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The complete foods of VitalBite offer a balanced composition that can contribute to the healthy day-to-day lives of our four-legged friends and hence also the happiness of dog-owners.
The treats as well as the complete dry, tinned and alu-pouch packaged foods are designed to meet the physiological needs of dogs at all ages.
They are easy to digest, and they contain a complete range of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, so they protect the dogs’ immune systems while strengthening muscles, nurturing coats and contributing to the maintenance of dental and skeletal health.
VitalBite dog-foods were developed in close cooperation with specialists.
Thanks to their high quality and excellent composition, regular consumption provides the daily energy requirement of dogs and keeps them in top condition.
We believe that the relationship between dogs and people is equally important for both parties. We take care of them, and they make our lives more complete. Therefore we endeavour to offer dog-owners some assistance with that rewarding task.

VitalBite dog foods offer a continuously growing selection of flavours to help us take care of our four-legged friends: our mission is to develop products that taste so special that every meal becomes a real culinary experience.

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For all owners, providing a maximally healthy diet for their dog is the greatest challenge. We know how important that issue is, so we shall provide some guidelines about the most important things to watch out for and the nutrients that our furry friends need.
The fundamental rule is that the dog should find the food tasty, while the food should comply with the health and biological requirements associated with the animal’s development, growth and physiology. Owners can find information on the packaging of our dog foods, where we show the composition and most important characteristics of our products.

Proteins are the building blocks required for building tissues and organs, but amino acids also play an important role in creating the enzymes required for metabolic processes and for the proper operation of the immune system. A sufficient quantity of proteins is indispensable for growth and for maintaining a dog’s good condition.

Carbohydrates provide life energy for dogs. Rice, corn and wheat are excellent sources of carbohydrates. Potatoes also contain many valuable nutrients, but the high starch content makes them harder to digest. Dogs can store carbohydrates in the liver, but excessive intake will result in carbs being converted to body fat.

Fat is a major source of energy in dog food, while it also contributes to making the food tasty for dogs. Certain fats are required for maintenance and operation of the nervous system.

Among essential fatty acids, Omega-6 fatty acids contribute to the maintenance of healthy skin and fur. For that reason, VitalBite dry foods contain Omega-6 fatty acids.

Vitamins play a vital role in the organism of dogs just as they do in people. As the animal organism is unable to produce many vitamins itself, the required quantities can only be obtained through food intake. In the same way, the minerals required for the operation and development of the body also need to be provided for dogs with their nutrients.

Fibre has a beneficial effect on digestion; lack of fibre can cause indigestion. VitalBite foods contain vegetable components that are excellent sources of dietary fibre.

Finally, let us not forget that dogs also need water. If a dog has no access to water, that will have severe consequences in a matter of days. On the other hand, they can do quite well without food until they lose about half their bodyweight. Depending on size, a dog needs 0.5 to 2 litres of water per day. As animals instinctively drink exactly as much as they need, fresh drinking water should be available to dogs at all times.

So VitalBite dog foods can provide a great balanced diet thanks to the fact that they are complete foods containing appropriate quantities of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals in compliance with the strictest applicable standards.

It is a great advantage of dry dog food that dosing and serving it requires relatively little work. They are easy to store, they do not go off, so owners can keep even quite large quantities at home, as long as they observe the best before date.

Dry dog food has an average moisture content of 10%, while moist foods contain 75-85% water. As a result, owners should make sure to remember that dogs on dry food drink a lot, while dogs given moist food, cooked food or kitchen leftovers probably need less water.


VitalBite dog foods offer a continuously growing selection of flavours to help us take care of our four-legged friends: our mission is to develop products that taste so special that every meal becomes a real culinary experience.

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