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Professionalism and lovevitalbite

The complete foods of VitalBite offer a balanced composition that can contribute to the healthy day-to-day lives of our four-legged friends and hence also the happiness of dog-owners.
The treats as well as the complete dry, tinned and alu-pouch packaged foods are designed to meet the physiological needs of dogs at all ages.
They are easy to digest, and they contain a complete range of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, so they protect the dogs’ immune systems while strengthening muscles, nurturing coats and contributing to the maintenance of dental and skeletal health.
VitalBite dog-foods were developed in close cooperation with specialists.
Thanks to their high quality and excellent composition, regular consumption provides the daily energy requirement of dogs and keeps them in top condition.
We believe that the relationship between dogs and people is equally important for both parties. We take care of them, and they make our lives more complete. Therefore we endeavour to offer dog-owners some assistance with that rewarding task.

VitalBite dog foods offer a continuously growing selection of flavours to help us take care of our four-legged friends: our mission is to develop products that taste so special that every meal becomes a real culinary experience. For that purpose, our range does not only consist of the usual chicken and beef flavours: our range of dry foods includes lamb and rice, while our tinned foods include specialities with rabbit, beef and pasta. In addition to our unique flavours, our variety of types and packages of dog food also assist owners to provide their pets with varied nutritious meals.

VitalBite is one of the flagship brands of Partner in Pet Food, one of Europe’s own brand pet food manufacturers. PPF supplies its products to 38 countries through the largest retail food chains. PPF Group, headquartered in Hungary, has a number of affiliated companies throughout Europe and the company group has nearly 1,400 employees in Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.