2.5kg, 8kg
balanced 100% Complete nutrition – Contains all essential nutrients to maintain your dog in a good condition.
l-carnitin L-carnitine – Protein and L-carnitine to help
support strong muscles and a lean body
omega Omega fatty acids are essential fatty acids – Essential fatty acids have a structural role in cell
membranes and are vital for maintaining normal
skin structure and function.
everyday Every day nutrition – A balanced nutrient ratio
is important for a good overall health and to
maintain an optimal body condition.
Dry food with poultry, beef and vegetables

Every dog needs food that keeps it healthy and provides enough energy for running around all day. VitalBite’s 100% complete dry foods contain all the basic nutrients needed to keep your dog in great condition. Protein and L-carnitine promote the maintenance of strong muscles, while a balanced composition of nutrients protects the dog’s health. Omega fatty acids are essential fatty acids that contribute to cellular function and vitalise the skin. So you have everything to spend energetic and happy days together.


Cereals, meat and animal derivatives (4% poultry in the natural kibble, 4% beef in the dark
brown kibble), derivatives of vegetable origin (0,2% inulin), oils and fats, vegetables
(4% vegetables in the green kibble), minerals.

Feeding instructions

Serve dry or moistened with water or bouillon. The daily quantity can be adjusted according to the age and status of your dog, its activity, condition and season of the year. Some dogs need longer time to become accustomed to the new food therefore add reduced quantities to the usual food of your dog first, and after 5-6 days you can serve it in itselves. Fresh drinking water should be available at all times.
For feeding only!