82% meat and animal derivatives in the chunks
Without preservatives and artificial aromas
Natural meat pouch with chicken in gravy

The 100% complete dog foods of VitalBite packaged in aluminium pouches contain 82% meat and animal-derived products. The pouches retain the freshness of the juicy morsels of meat along with the valuable vitamins and minerals. Vitamin E, biotin and zinc ensure that your pet has healthy skin and shiny coat, while inulin is a type of prebiotic dietary fibre that promotes optimal digestion. The aluminium pouch servings contain everything that your adult dog needs, without any added colouring or artificial flavours.


Meat and animal derivatives (4% chicken), vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin (0,4% inulin), minerals, various sugars.

Feeding instructions

These instructions are a guideline only. An individual dog’s requirements may differ from this guide according to e.g. age, body condition and activity levels. Feed 1-2 meals per day. Initially feed daily amounts above and then gradually a djust to maintain your dog in a lean condition. Serve preferably on room temperature. Store open max. 2 days in fridge.